• In current fast pace world, it is crucial to “re-learn” certain simple though essential things such as:  being able to relax & let go sometimes, being able to focus on ONE thing at a time, and of course being able to take care of yourself (body & mind), before your body reminds you to do so. 

    "Life is a balance of holding on and letting go" - Rumi 
    And this is eventually all what yoga can do for you. A holistic approach to a better health and a happy life.  
    Don’t forget! Wherever you are starting from, whatever is your potential, your age or health condition, Yoga is for you!

    Trained under the tradition of Krishnamacharya (Chennai, India - see note), we believe yoga is good for everybody at any time of your life. Formerly called Viniyoga, this tradition is anchored in adapting to the needs of each student or group. 
    At YOGA-WAYS, we will always strive to adapt our practices to our students condition & needs. Depending on the goals (stimulating, energising, calming, cooling, soothing), we combine postural practices with more subtle tools of yoga such as breathing techniques (pranayama practices), visualisation, relaxation, mindfulness and meditation. 
    That is why we require each student to fill in YOGA-WAYS’s confidential health questionnaire, and to keep us updated in case of changes.