• Trained in the tradition of Krishnamacharya, we have created Yoga-Ways to offer a niche, very personalised and caring approach to Yoga. For us, the relationship with our students is at the heart of everything we do as we believe it is the key to help students grow and find their ways in yoga. 

  • Celine Chambat
    Co-Founder & Instructor

    A passion for yoga, encounters with fantastic teachers & mentors combined with 20 years of life & corporate work experiences in Asia led me to start YOGA-WAYS in 2013.
    I had been practicing yoga regularly for several years when I discover through difficulties there were more than meet the eyes!
    I embarked in a 3-year yoga teacher course with the objectives to learn more about this ancient discipline and the wide range of tools it offers to support physical and mental health. As I graduated (Certified Yoga Teacher RYS 500), I naturally engaged into yoga as a way of life and realised nothing would make me more happy than being able to share with others what I had learned and experienced. I truly see Yoga as "a total health support throughout the various stages of life" and strive to pass this on to my students.
    I am currently training as a Yoga Therapist / Yoga & Health (with IFY in France), specialising in interesting modern applications of Yoga such as : athletes preparation (swimmers dry land training), yoga therapy (designing personal yoga practices to support back or any injuries / issues) and corporate yoga.

    "The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships." T.K.V. Desikachar


  • Jehanne Phares Hakime
    Co-Founder & Instructor

    "Yoga is a process of replacing old patterns with new more appropriate ones.” Sri T Krishnamacharya
    Yoga has been part of my life for more than 10 years, anchoring me while I joggled between an intense corporate life and 3 kids. When I encountered the teachings under Krishnamacharya’s tradition, I understood that there is more to yoga than the flexibility and relaxation I could get after a 1-hour class and I started a personal daily practice. It created a space to balance the pace, to reflect and be in tune with myself. I embarked on a 3-year teacher training programme out of curiosity and intuitive interest (certified RYS500).
    The journey has been life changing from the body to the mind. It played a crucial role on how I overcame major health battles, experiencing the power of breath and meditation. I have then leaped in and turned yoga into my way of living.

    Being able to share such ancient and powerful tools, adapting them to the needs of each student, and planting the seeds of transformation pushed me to co-fund yoga-ways and teach yoga.