• Our classes are offered to women and men and we limit our groups to a maximum of 8 participants. 

  • Yoga Group Class

    Our group classes are based on Hatha Yoga tradition combined with breathing.
    During the class, you will experience a step by step progression in postures and sequences of postures (vinyāsa), to bring you flexibility, grounding, balancing or strength.
    Classes are all highly personalised & based on the needs of the students. Maximum 8 students per class.

  • Pre & Postnatal Yoga

    During this unique time of a woman’s life, a tailored yoga practice will support her health and wellbeing and bring balance and strength along this journey.
    Prenatal Yoga focus on:
    - Conscious breathing in support of pregnancy
    - Postural work to relieve aches, muscle and stretch without risk during pregnancy.
    - Prepare your body and your breath for birth.
    Postnatal Yoga focus on:
    - Postural work to relieve aches & muscles
    - Build back strength, especially back strength and hips.
    - Learning to use breathing techniques to manage stress & anxiety which is commonly associated to motherhood. 

  • Yoga & Meditation

    Traditionally, Yoga postures were meant to prepare the body for meditation. In this class, we will follow the same path: starting with postures to improve strength & stability; moving on to meditation combining different tools (gestures, visualisation, sounds, etc.) to focus on an intention. This class provides a stepping stone on the path to self discovery, offering opportunities to concentrate, centre and grow.

  • Yoga & Surf

    You are passionate about surfing? Yoga will help you stretch, expand and go one step further into your passion. Yoga will enhance your physical capacities building up your flexibility, agility, strength, and endurance. It will also help your mental preparation, improving concentration and stress management. Last but not least, yoga will help counteract imbalances and asymmetries created by regular and steady sports practice. 

  • Yoga Therapy (Private Class)

    Yoga Therapy is a one-to-one process whereby the therapist will help you support your health and wellness or tackle specific problems, conditions or needs. For example, conditions such as back, shoulder, neck issues, other physical injuries or recovery from illnesses or injuries, sleep disruption, stress management, anxiety, pre and post-natal care, can be managed through yoga therapy, sometimes in combination with other Health Practitioners.
    The process requires at least 4 to 5 sessions, spread over a period of about 3 months.
    The first session is dedicated to the assessment (you will be required to fill up a questionnaire that will be a base for discussion during the session). Then the therapist will design a personal Yoga practice adapted to your needs, lifestyle, time available to practice etc. and will coach you so you are able to practice on your own.
    We will meet again on a regular basis (weekly for the first 3 sessions) to follow-up, adapt and finetune your practice as we go.
    In Yoga Therapy, we give you the tools and you are empowered. Your commitment throughout the process is critical.

  • Teens Yoga

    Starting Yoga at a young age helps in coordination, flexibility, balance and concentration.  
    For Teens, Yoga will help them understand and be in tune with their changing body. In this highly intense time of life, Yoga will help them improving posture, building confidence and being at peace.

  • Prāṇāyāma Classes

    Prāṇāyāma classes are meant to move Prāṇā (Life force) within the body using mainly breathing techniques with support of some postures and sequences of postures.
    Classes can be in groups or individual.

  • Private Group or Individual class

    Please contact us if you wish to organise a private class: small group of friends or family.