Singapore born Stephanie has always been an athlete. From competing in high school and varsity softball to choreographing dances to being an avid rock climber and of course, Yoga. Steph has always been an active soul. She teaches Botanic Gardens, Online & NEW East Coast classes.
I started out my professional career in advertising and worked for a couple of marque creative agencies both in Singapore and in Shanghai. Beyond finding a rich and exciting experience, I also discovered the pitfalls of a highly stressful and unhealthy life brought upon the rigors of the advertising industry and corporate life.
This led to an epiphany and was when my true Yoga journey began, leading me to Nepal; where I received invaluable training and guidance which soon led to my certification as a yoga instructor with Yogi-Nomad, under the guidance of Gaby, Val, Neera & Rachel. I furthered my Yoga Studies through the RYS500 training program with EKA Yoga Institute under the guidance of Valerie Faneco.
I ran my own yoga studio, North Star Yoga in Shanghai and upon returning to Singapore, I have taught private classes in between taking care of my young daughter.  My practice is very much inspired by the teachings of Sri T. Krishnamacharya, the “father of modern Yoga” and combined with modern day health & fitness theory.