The practice of nurturing Life.

During this unique time of a woman’s life, a tailored yoga practice will support her health and wellbeing and bring balance and strength along this journey.
Prenatal Yoga focus on:
Conscious breathing in support of pregnancy: probably the most important part of Prenatal Yoga! We will teach you breathing techniques which help to calm the mind and reduce anxiety and help to nurture a healthy peaceful and serene  journey to motherhood. 
Postural work to relieve aches, muscle and stretch without risk during pregnancy. We select postures that are suitable for our groups and will propose adaptations when needed.  
Prepare your body, your breath and your mind for birth & motherhood.

The main benefits are:

  • Classes are on zoom and we use a screen that allows us to see, adjust & correct all students
  • Maximum 6 people. All classes are designed taking into account the needs and restrictions of the students present in the class. We tailor our classes to meet your needs.
  • Support physical & mental health during pregnancy
  • Help future mums to deal with discomfort or pain (digestive complains, sleep disorder, back pain etc)
  • Prepare mentally for giving birth and Motherhood
  • Sharing practices & experiences with other mums to be

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