❣️ Accepting your new “you”

❣️Strengthening the back, the abdominal belt and the hips in a safe and efficient way

❣️ Learning how to tone your body with care

We often talk about postnatal yoga, however, this journey I am proposing to you is truly a Postpartum Yoga Program.

For who?

This program is suitable to new mums (from 2 months after the birth) & also to mums who have not yet started yoga or normal physical activity after the birth of a child (even months or years later) and feel the need for a targeted classes.


Postpartum is a term that focuses on the mother and her journey following the birth of a baby. Whether right after birth or sometimes years later, this postpartum Yoga program focuses on healing and restoring the mother.

It is a conscious and fundamental practice to reconnect with your body (be mindful of your “new” you, your pelvic anatomy as well as being able to safely resume physical and / or sports practice). We will also discuss accepting your new “SELF” as a woman and a mother.

Description of the workshop

Yoga Ways postpartum Yoga course includes:

  • 5 group lessons (6 students maximum) of 60′ each on 5 different themes:
    • Session 1: Postural alignment, connection to body and breath
    • Session 2: Take care of your back, neck & shoulders and learn to strengthen it
    • Session 3: Hips, Pelvic floor, Diastasis Recti. What you should do and not do
    • Session 4: Tone up. Muscle strengthening adapted to your body
    • Session 5: Integration
  • Short 5-15 ’practices are given between each session to continue working at home. 
  • All classes are recorded and sent to the participants so they can repeat at home

Practical Information

Teacher: Céline Chambat

Languages: 🇫🇷🇬🇧

Price for the entire course:  90€ per person (for 3 participants), 75€ per person (4 or 6 participants)

Location: ONLINE on Zoom or in-Studio at campo de Ourique Lisbon Studio

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