Yoga for Health. Yoga for all.

Meet your healthier self.


❖ A traditional and therapeutic form of Yoga.

❖ Small groups guaranteed to provide proper coaching and personalised advices to all our students.

 Individualised teaching approach (all teachers know their students’ conditions & students are requested to fill up a complete health questionnaire)

❖ All teachers are certified under Krishnamacharya tradition (500 hours or more)

❖ Weekly Yoga & Meditation group classes in Singapore and Lisbon

❖ Online Pre & Post natal Yoga classes

Yoga Therapy consultations (1-to-1)

❖ Yoga & Meditation retreats

❖ Corporate programs

Yoga Therapy: Why is this for me?

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In Singapore, our team, Jehanne, Marine, Marian and Stephanie run classes daily in Serangoon Gardens, Botanical Gardens and Sixth Avenue areas. We speak French, Spanish, English and Arabic

Yoga in LISBON

Based in Lisbon since late 2019, Yoga & Meditation Instructor and Yoga Therapist, Céline, runs classes weekly including pre & post natal groups, as well as workshops & Yoga Therapy 1-to-1 consultations.


Yoga & Holiday! Incredible locations in Portugal & Bali, Great food and meaningful content. Our retreats offer you a window, just for yourself, to allow time for your Body & Mind to reset, and make space deep inside to allow creativity to emerge.
Programs run in French & English.

WHAT’S UP IN 2021?

  • Yoga & Meditation I Portugal May 2021

    A 5 days / 4 nights yoga and well-being stay, in a unique and revitalising place, will allow you to fully benefit from practices combining postures, breathing techniques (prānāyāma) and mindful meditation.

    Une retraite yoga et bien-être de 5 jours/4 nuits, au Portugal dans un lieu unique et ressourçant, vous permettra de profiter pleinement de pratiques mêlant postures, techniques de respiration (prānāyāma) et méditation en pleine conscience.

  • 5 key tips for cultivating balance good health and happiness

    5 conseils pour cultiver l’équilibre et le bonheur (Aussi disponible en Français)

    As we are jumping 2021, this is a must read article!

  • Patanjali Yoga Sūtra Serie

    To start 2021 right, we will revisit the teachings of Patañjali, which will serve as a support and a common thread throughout the first quarter. I will be highlighting a selection of key sūtras in Lisbon Yoga & Meditation classes, mingling physical and breath practice to Yoga Philosophy (classes schedules click HERE). Classes available at Lisbon Studio Urbanbliss Lisboa or online.