Practice Yoga in Lisbon & Stay healthy with Yoga. 


❖ A traditional and therapeutic form of Yoga with a special attention to the breath

Yoga, meditation and breathwork classes in small groups, bilingual French/English 

 Individualised teaching approach (Students are requested to fill up a complete health questionnaire)

Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga classes with trained teacher

Yoga Therapy consultations (1-to-1)

❖ Yoga & Meditation retreats

❖ Yoga & Ayurveda


Join Céline in Campo de Ourique Studio for Yoga & Meditation! The best way to stay fit and balance is to allow yoga into your life. We offer:
✨  Group classes: Meditation and breathwork (prānāyāma) classes with monthly themes (e.g. The elements in you, Managing emotions, etc) ,  Hatha Yoga, Prenatal & postnatal yoga
Yoga Therapy 1-to-1 consultations.


Yoga is amazing way to support yourself through a pregnancy. A pregnancy (including the 4th Trimestre!) is probably the most intense and fascinating period in the life of a woman. I did not say it was the easiest! With a suitable and regular practice of yoga, you will:
Build strength and reduce pain or discomfort related to pregnancy such as lower back pain and cramps
Prepare your body and your breath for birth & Help to reclaim your body after birth
✨ On the longer run you will also gain confidence towards motherhood


Yoga & Holiday! Incredible locations in Portugal & Bali, great food and meaningful content – Yoga & Ayurveda, Yoga & Nature, Yoga & Meditation, Yoga & the cakras.
Our retreats offer you a window, just for yourself, to allow time for your body & mind to reset, and make space deep inside to allow creativity to emerge.
Programs run in French & English.


  • Yoga & Ayurveda, Algarve, Portugal 16-20 MARCH 2022

    A 5 days / 4 nights Yoga and Ayurveda retreat in Portugal in a magical and revitalizing place between sea and mountains will allow you to:
    ✨ RELAX your body, reset your mind & RESTORE your energy.
    ✨ Learn about yourself through the Ayurveda Workshops.
    ✨ EXPLORE the power of Yoga & Meditation on the elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether. Understand the ones which dominate in you and how they influence you – your health, addictions and behaviour- on a daily basis.
    ✨ Go back home with some practical and individualised advices that you will be able to use immediately in your daily life to feel better and more balanced.

  • Yoga & Meditation, Aljezur, Portugal 1-5 JUNE 2022

    A 5 days / 4 nights yoga and well-being stay, in a unique and revitalising place, will allow you to fully benefit from practices combining postures, breathing techniques (prānāyāma) and mindful meditation.

    Une retraite yoga et bien-être de 5 jours/4 nuits, au Portugal dans un lieu unique et ressourçant, vous permettra de profiter pleinement de pratiques mêlant postures, techniques de respiration (prānāyāma) et méditation en pleine conscience.


  • 10-week Yoga philosophy course Jan-March 2022

    Transform Your Life with Yoga. This course isn’t only a way to learn more about Yogic philosophy, it is primarily a way to create connections, to discuss how we can transform our lives and realise our potentials as human and spiritual beings through the lens of Yoga.
    Included into this course:
    weekly live online sessions with our two senior teachers
    ✨ time for Q&As before each live session
    ✨ access to replays to review what we have learnt
    ✨ unlimited & lifelong access to our private Facebook community to ask questions, share, learn with each other and our teachers
    continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance & Yoga Australia