Yoga Philosophy 8-month mentoring starting September 2022

Transform your life with yoga

On Saturdays one a month
9:00 (London) / 10:00 (Paris) / 17:00 (Singapore)

This program is ideal for Yoga lovers who want to learn a little more about Yoga Philosophy without embarking on a teaching training.

Yoga is more than just postures and breathing exercises. In reality this is even only the tip of the iceberg.

This visible part is certainly very interesting: it allows us to keep the body in shape and in good working order, in good health and therefore to feel good. This is of course very important.

However, the submerged part of the iceberg is even fascinating. When the body is ready, and the breathing is fluid and controlled, then (only!) the practitioner of yoga can begin to glimpse the essence of this ancestral practice: meditating, going deeper & meeting his true “self”. It is the work of a lifetime. So let’s start now! 😉

Program Description

This 8-month practical Yoga philosophy course will dive into the profound teachings that derive from the Yogic tradition. This course was designed for those with an interest in Yoga who have a desire to understand the principles as well as develop ways to use them into their daily lives. Through Yoga philosophy, we begin to understand the way this ancient tradition weaves into our selves, our habits and in turn, our lives.
This course isn’t only a way to learn more about Yogic philosophy, it is primarily a way to create connections, to discuss how we can transform our lives and realise our potentials as human and spiritual beings through the lens of Yoga.

Included in the course:

Monthly live online sessions with our two senior teachers

Time for Q&As before each live session

Access to replays to review what we have learnt

Unlimited & lifelong access to our private Facebook community to ask questions, share, learn with each other and our teachers

Continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance & Yoga Australia

Investment: 224€


What you will learn:

Session 1 – The anatomy of yoga: the pañca maya

Session 2 – Subtle anatomy of yoga: the vāyus

Session 3, 4 & 5 – Subtle anatomy of yoga

  • Prāna: the concept of lifeforce / life energy
  • The nadis & the cakras system

Session 6 – Yoga & Ayurveda: The gunas.

Session 7 & 8 – Yoga & Ayurveda: tri-dosas (vatta, kapha, pitta)


Dates & Time

Classes will be held online on zoom and a recording is made available after the classes.
Dates: Saturdays morning, 9:00-10:00 (London) I 17:00-18:00 (Singapore)
2022: 24 Sept, 22 Oct, 19Nov, Dec 10 
2023: 21 Jan, 11 Mar, Apr 22, 13 May 


Your teachers & team

To make this program unique and practical for YOU , we’ve come together as a strong & passionate team.

Valérie Faneco – Senior Teacher Trainer & Yoga Therapist

A French citizen, Valerie lived in Singapore from 2004 to 2021. She recently relocated to Perth with her Australian husband and two children.
Valerie started to practice in 1994, has taught in the USA, the Netherlands, Australia and Singapore since 1999, and conducted teacher training courses in Singapore since 2008. She still mentors many graduates of past courses who now live all over the world, from the Americas to Europe and Singapore. She completed more than eight years of training with her mentor Frans Moors in Belgium and at the KYM in India with Mr Desikachar and other senior teachers. Through these long studies and decades of personal practice she has gained expertise in the following areas:

  • postures and their modifications (āsanas), breathing techniques (prānāyāmas), energetic seals (mudrās), the use of sounds and mantras in yoga practice, visualisation techniques, meditation, counselling, Yoga philosophy, and the pedagogy of teaching people of all ages and abilities, including seniors, pregnant women, children and athletes.
  • As a Yoga Therapist, she teaches her students how to incorporate realistic yoga programs in their daily life, dealing with all sorts of health conditions or simply giving them tools to stay fit.
  • For the past several years she has also coached executives and athletes to help them cope with physical, mental and emotional stresses. Her experience brings her referrals by word of mouth and from the medical community.
Céline Chambat – Yoga Teacher & Therapist

French born, happy mother of 3, Céline has lived in Lisbon with my family since 2019 where she teaches weekly yoga & meditation group classes, regular thematic workshops and gives individual yoga therapy consultations. Before moving to Lisbon, she had spent over 20 years in Asia, where her passion for Yoga has become a lifestyle. She is a trained Yoga Teacher & Therapist and founded Yoga-Ways, school of Yoga, in Singapore in 2014 and then in Lisbon in 2019. She loves helping her students to take ownership of their life and health & deal with physical or emotional issues with less medical support. Her favorite quote about Yoga is: “The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships. – Sir T.K.V. Desikachar

Her Yoga training background: A Certified Yoga teacher & Yoga Therapist in the tradition of Krishnamacharya:

  • she took her first 3-year Teacher Training (RYS500 Yoga Alliance) with Valérie Faneco – EKA Yoga Institute in Singapore
  • she pursued her studies by a 3-Year Yoga Therapy Training Programme (Yoga & Santé) with Anne Poirier & Michael Steinbrecher (IFY Institut Français du Yoga), a fascinating very practical course where she was able to study deeper the applications of Yoga tools in supporting physical and mental health.
  • Teacher Training Instructor assistant: in 2017 & 2018 Céline assisted Valérie in teaching 2 Teacher Training groups (1st year & second year TT programs). She taught several topics of the training programs including the āsanas (postures), course planning & Pedagogy and some elements of the Yoga Sūtras.
  • Continuous education / Yoga Studies: she has taken several courses in India with Eka Yoga institute, Krisnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (Chennai, India) & with the Mohans.
Josephine Cantona – Yoga teacher & Community Manager

Joséphine is a qualified Yoga teacher since 2017 when she did her first training in India. Since then she has explored many aspects of Yoga and found a passion in how the practice can weave into our daily lives and help up manage our mental health. She also specialises in helping people with eating disorders.

Joséphine opened her wellness studio Urban Bliss in Lisbon in 2019 where she teaches, organises retreats and hosts other kinds of healing therapies, all to guide her students and clients to a more balanced and healthier way of life. 

In this program, she will be your community manager, she will help organise your ideas and questions to make sure this course is as enriching as possible for each of you. 

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