Residency @urbanblisslisboa, Campo de Ourique

  • Teaching Yoga in Lisbon in French and/or English with a special emphasis on the breath.
  • Your teacher: Céline brings her Yoga Therapist skills to the group classes, always proposing adaptations and designing the practice to your needs.  
  • We are committed to clean & disinfect the yoga room after each class. 

Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Aljezur, Portugal (27-31 May 2021)

We are happy to confirm our next retreat in Portugal! Yippee!
A unique moment, allowing you time in peace for and with yourself, an interior journey.

This 5 days / 4 nights yoga and well-being stay, in a unique and revitalising place, will allow you to fully benefit from practices combining postures, breathing techniques (prānāyāma) and mindful meditation. A real fountain of youth!

Online Yoga Workshops

I teach a monthly workshop at Urban Bliss Studio in Lisboa. Each workshop is a mix of theoretical insights & practice. They all have a specific theme allowing you to deepen your practice and experience.

Next dates: Yoga for Women – May-June 2021
English / Français

We often talk about postnatal yoga, but I’d rather talk about this program as a postpartum yoga course / yoga for women, a conscious and fundamental practice to reconnect with your body: the changes after a birth, your anatomy (focusing on the hips, back and pelvic floor), relearn your body to be able to resume physical and / or sports practice in complete safety.
This 5-week course consists of:

  • 1 individual consultation of 30 ‘at the start of the course
  • 5 group sessions of 45′
  • 4 pre-recorded sessions of 15 ‘to do at home
  • 1 individual session of 30′ at the end of the course


Yoga & Ayurveda in June 2021

stay tuned… contact us if interested

Weekly Class Schedule & Description

We are getting ready to resume classes outdoor classes as of 19th April and in-studio classes as of 2nd May.

MON20hOnline & In-StudioYoga & Mindfullness 60′
MON19hOnline & In-StudioPostnatal Yoga 45′
TUES9hOnline & In-StudioHatha Flow 60′
@Jardim d’Estrela
Hatha Flow 60′
THU11hOnline & In-studio Prenatal Yoga 60′
THU12h15Online & In-studio Yoga Lunch 60′

Prices & Packages

Group classes*:
*Limited to 4 people in Studio due to COVID restrictions until further notice.

  • Term Package @ 120€ (12 classes valid 3 months)
  • Month Package @ 45€ (4 classes valid 1 month)
  • Online classes Package @ 120€ (10 online classes + 1 online private class/assessment*)
    * During the private assessment, the teacher will discuss with you about your objectives and see if you have any restrictions/health conditions she should be aware of. She will show and correct basic postures if necessary. You & the teacher will adjust the set up so she can see and correct you during the class).
  • Pre & post natal yoga Package @ 150€ (10 online classes + 1 online private class/assessment*): More details on prenatal yoga here


Your teacher: Céline Chambat

Yoga teacher & Yoga Therapist

French born, happy mother of 3, Celine now lives in Lisbon and has spent last 20 years in Asia, where her passion for Yoga has turned into a lifestyle. 

She is a trained & certified Teacher & Yoga Therapist (link to : Yoga Therapy – Yoga Ways) under the famous Krishnamacharya tradition. She teaches Integrated Yoga classes which offer a balanced mix of postures, breathing techniques, meditation practices and sounds. Classes are always in small groups providing highly personalised advice to all. 

She sees yoga as a daily personal practice that allows her to maintain her physical & mental health. As a teacher, she loves helping her students:

  • finding their own personal balance though Yoga
  • taking ownership of their health through personal practices & relying less on medical support
  • dealing with issues such as back pain, migraines or insomnia (to name a few), at any age

Contact Céline for more information:

    Yoga in Lisbon & Personal development

    Yoga is more than just postures and breathing exercises. In reality this is even only the tip of the iceberg. This visible part is certainly very interesting: it allows us to keep the body in shape and in good working order, in good health and therefore to feel good. This is of course very important. However, the submerged part of the iceberg is all the more fascinating. When the body is ready, and the breathing is fluid and controlled, then the practitioner of yoga can begin to glimpse the essence of this ancestral practice: meditate, go deeper & meet his true “self”, his purusa. It is the work of a lifetime. This is the profond aim of Yoga. And this is the proposition of Patañjali through the Yoga Sūtra, considered the founding text of the classical philosophy of yoga. Describing and analyzing in depth the human psyche, it offers us a unique platform for reflection on the human condition.