Why a retreat ? What is the point? Is it for me?

Whether you are an advanced Yoga practitioner or a beginner who willing to explore further,
a retreat will allow you to take a time “off” from your daily routine, responsibilities and commitments.

Our retreat programs are unique and geared towards self development while taking some good time as well of course!
Using all the tools and knowledge of Yoga – Postures, breathing techniques, mudras and mantras, along with lectures and/or workshops covering texts and concepts of the Yogic Philosophy (mostly based on the Yoga Sutras and the Vedic sacred texts) – we give you a platform to reflect, re-energise and reset.
A retreat is a window, just for yourself, to:
Allow time for your Body & Mind to reset
Make space inside to be able to see and receive again
Allow creativity to emerge
We all need this once in a while.


The island of god hosts us every year for our November retreats. Your programme: Yoga & Meditation with Céline & Jehanne, friendship & amazing food with our local chefs. More details here


Céline has moved to Portugal and is now offering retreats and workshops in Lisbon and Porto area. The untouched nature of Portugal offers us the perfect nest to host retreats. Next retreat is scheduled for May 2021. Stay tuned!


Starting September 2020, we will run workshops and retreats in France. Contact us to receive the updates.

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All retreats are conducted in French, English or both depending on the public.