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Postnatal classes works on ad-hoc bases

The benefits of doing Prenatal Yoga & Postnatal Yoga

A pregnancy (including the 4th Trimestre!) is probably the most intense and fascinating period in the life of a woman. I did not say it was the easiest!

Yoga can be an amazing way to support yourself through it. With a suitable and regular practice of yoga, you will:

  • build strength and reduce pain or discomfort related to pregnancy such as lower back pain and cramps
  • Prepare your body and your breath for birth.
  • Help to reclaim your body after birth
  • on the longer run you will also gain confidence towards motherhood.


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    Prenatal Yoga Package

    9 online group classes + 1 pre-recorded video “breathing techniques & postures during labor” + 1 private assessment/consultation* (45′) – 150 € / 180USD

    *Private assessment / Consultation: This consultation will be on Zoom and late about 45′. We believe this is an essential step to ensure you are safely coached. The teacher will ask you a few questions about your health in general and ask you to do a few postures. This will allow the teacher to know you better, assess your level & understand your needs and physical background. Thereafter, she/he will be able to correct you better and propose suitable adaptations if necessary.

    Private classes are available upon requests.


    Workshop: Postnatal Yoga

    Yoga Online

    We bring yoga to your home ! If you are not able to make it to the studio, you are now able to practice safely from home with a teacher who will see you and correct you.

    We can’t always make our way to a yoga studio, especially while pregnant or with a newborn. Current global sanitary crisis is making things even more complicated. Online Yoga Classes give you the opportunity to connect from wherever you are. However, It’s important to choose an option that will provide you the supervision and attention you need. That is why we have chosen to offer our classes on Zoom so we can see and correct you. We use large screen and take a maximum of 8 students per class to ensure we can monitor everyone.

    • Our classes run on Zoom so we teachers can see you as well correct when necessary.
    • You are asked to fill up a health questionnaire (just like we do for classes in situ) so we can take into account your needs, limitations or past injuries when preparing our classes.

    #français: Le Yoga prenatal, pour qui et pourquoi?


    These videos have been recorded for you by our teachers. Enjoy the class!
    Please also remember that when doing Yoga without the supervision of a teacher, you need to be extra careful and stop immediately in case you experience pain or discomfort.

    How to prepare for labor with Yoga Prenatal? (English)

    Pratique de 35min Yoga Postnatal (en Français)

    Pratique de 50min Yoga Postnatal (en Français)!