This pre-recorded 60 min yoga workshop gives you very practical tools that will help you to manage labor.

From mums to mums!

This pre-recorded 60′ yoga practice gives you very practical tools (postures and breathing techniques) that will make your labor easier and faster!

Céline Chambat from Yoga Ways is a yoga teacher & therapist and happy mum of 3. She is specialised in pre and post natal yoga.

“Yoga has been an amazing help to me through my pregnancies, especially the last one who was complicated. I was lucky to encounter amazing teachers who helped me so much and am thrilled to be able to share this incredibly sensible though often unknown or forgotten knowledge to my students”.     

Description of the workshops:

Learn how to prepare for birth with Prenatal Yoga. This special class shows you 3 types of techniques:

Breathing techniques preparing yourself physically and mentally for labor and birth.

Relaxing and connecting postures to release tension during labor while keeping a position that helps the cervix to open


👉 This practice is safe for all trimesters but as usual and even more while pregnant, it’s essential to listen to your body. YOU know better what’s go or not for you. So if you feel pain please stop and tell your teacher! There might be other more suitable postures for you right now. 🌸

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