Lisbonne Campo de Ourique, Portugal


Céline Chambat, Ayalla Queiroz (Naturopath Ayurvedic) & Joséphine Cantona

The programme:

* 3 creative and inspiring Yoga masterclasses (90′) “yoga of the elements” 

* An introduction to Ayurveda (1 hour)

*A Yoga Therapy workshop (4 hours): Ayurveda and Yoga in its therapeutic form. Learning how to balance various constitutions, yours and those of your dearest, by using these 2 natural and complementary methods.

* Spice it up! The Ayurvedic spices workshop was animated by Ayalla Queiroz (Ayurvedic Naturopath) and Joséphine Cantona (Chef). Discovering the power of Ayurvedic spices. Learning about their benefits, how to use them in drinks, meals and even cosmetics!

  • Turmeric – anti-inflammatory
  • Ginger – against nausea
  • Clove – anesthetic for pain
  • Cinnamon – digestive
  • Nutmeg – calms the nervous system
  • Coriander – refreshing
  • Vanilla – calming, comforting
  • Pepper – stimulant
  • Licorice – antidepressant
  • Cumin – digestion