How do you bring Yoga to my workplace?

Yoga is an ancient discipline offering a wide range of tools supporting health, promoting healing and personal evolution. In current hectic workplaces, it’s an easy and convenient way to improve work performance by :

  • reducing stress and promoting efficiency both at individual and team levels
  • relieving pains and injuries directly related to bad postures and/or working habits (long hours in front of computers/screens, heavy traveling and jet-lags, lack of exercise, poor diet and dehydration, etc)
  • enhancing harmony among colleagues

How does it work ?

We offer you 2 ways to introduce yoga to your workplace.

Group classes (minimum 6 max 15 students)

  • Location: We are coming to you, at your workplace! No more excuse!
  • Timing: 45-minute Yoga lunch break sessions (day and frequency to be agreed upon).
  • Objective: We shall focus on stretching, relaxing and back alignment postures along with supporting breathing techniques.
  • Price upon request

Private and small group classes (up to 5 students) – on demand