How to safely practice Yoga at home?

We can’t always make our way to a yoga studio or be in touch with a teacher we like. Current global crisis is a good exemple! Online Yoga Classes give you the opportunity to connect from wherever you are and enjoy the supervision of a teacher you like. The teacher is on Zoom and she can see and correct you!

  • Our classes run daily and cover different time zones.
  • Our classes run on Zoom so we teachers can see you as well correct when necessary.
  • You are asked to fill up a health questionnaire (just like we do for classes in situ) so we can take into account your needs, limitations or past injuries when preparing our classes.


10 online classes + 1 private assessment/consultation* (45′) – 120 €

*Private assessment / Consultation: This consultation will be on Zoom and late about 45′. We believe this is an essential step to ensure you are safely coached. The teacher will ask you a few questions about your health in general and ask you to do a few postures. This will allow the teacher to know you better, assess your level & understand your needs and physical background. Thereafter, she/he will be able to correct you better and propose suitable adaptations if necessary.

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    Why should I pay for a Yoga Class online?

    We teach online with the same care as we teach in a studio and believe the work of the teachers must be recognised. This is why we apply a fee to our online classes. Online or in a studio, we teachers:

    • have a personal connexion with our students
    • we watch them performing postures though the video and correct them when necessary
    • we design practices that suit our students    

    How do I connect?

    Classes are hosted on Zoom. You can connect with any computer, ipad or smartphone. We send you a link before the class with a password and you just need to connect and practice! 

    How do I pay?

    You can pay your class:

    • via Bank transfert (Iban) to our French or Portugal accounts
    • via Multibanco or MB Way in portugal
    • via bank transfert to our Singapore account
    • via paynow in Singapore
    • via

    I am pregnant, can I attend your classes?

    We have specific classes for prenatal and postnatal Yoga. MORE INFO.