Our next event is a 5D/4N Yoga & Meditation retreat in Portugal.
Contact me quickly for details.

Snapshot of our last retreat…

For whom?

Yoga teachers eager to deepen their knowledge, yoga practitioners, and anyone interested to learn about:

  • Ayurveda & Yoga therapy:
    • How to design a practice or choose a suitable practice to keep your doshas (the elements in you) in good balance.
    • You will learn about mantras, postures or breathing techniques in relation to the elements.
  • Ayurvedic spices, their benefits and how to use them in food, drinks, cosmetics etc. We ‘ve made a selection of 10 important and common spices that you will be able to use in your daily life.
    • Turmeric – anti-inflammatory
    • Ginger – against nausea
    • Clove – anesthetic for pain
    • Cinnamon – digestive
    • Nutmeg – calms the nervous system
    • Coriander – refreshing
    • Vanilla – calming, comforting
    • Pepper – stimulant
    • Licorice – antidepressant
    • Cumin – digestion

Highlights of our Yoga Ayurveda retreat Portugal

Enjoying 3 inspiring ‘Yoga of the elements’ practices:

90′ practices offering a mix of postures, breath work (prānāyāma) and mindfulness meditation to spice up your week end in Lisbon ☀️

The teachings of Ayurveda & Yoga therapy:

Saturday “Spice it up” workshop: How to use spices and food ingredients to balance your elements.
During this fascinating & practical workshop you will: learn about spices & their benefits, cook or prepare: a chai drink, healthy balancing ayurvedic snack such as energy balls, a tumeric anti-inflammatory face mask and more!

Sunday Yoga Therapy through the prism of Ayurveda.
Using the 5 elements & the doshas to establish a diagnosis.
How to influence (strengthen or weaken) an element with a posture, a mantra or a breathing technique? Designing a personal practice that suit your needs.
In this hands-on & empowering workshop, you will dive straight into the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda & yoga therapy.

Key take-aways from these 3 days Yoga & Ayurveda retreat Portugal:

  • As for all retreat, it’s first of all a time for you, to reset your mind & restore your energy.
  • You will learn about 10 essential ayurvedic spices: their benefits and how to use them in food, drinks, cosmetics etc.
  • Self enquiry & personal development using the tools and ancestral knowledge of Ayurveda as a foundation.
  • Enjoy balancing yoga practices working with the elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether.
  • If you are a yoga teacher, you will learn specific practices and exercises to design yoga & ayurveda classes for your community 
  • Customisation: Go back home with some practical and personalised advices that you will be able to use immediately in your daily life to feel better and more balanced.
  • Enjoy the beautiful city of Lisbon on your free time!

The teachers & consultant

Céline is a yoga teacher and yoga therapist, certified in the Krishnamacharya tradition (RYS 600 Yoga Alliance and Institut Français du Yoga). Passionate about Ayurveda, she has written several articles on the subject and regularly conducts workshops on Yoga and Ayurveda. Her courses and workshops are always oriented towards well-being and personal development. Céline will teach the Ayurveda & Yoga therapy workshop and the yoga masterclasses “Yoga of the elements”, showing how you can design a practice that helps you keeping your elements balanced.

Joséphine is a multi-talented yoga teacher passionate about movement and well-being. She will co teach the Yoga masterclasses with Céline, Josephine is also a trained chef and will conduct the cooking Workshop “Spice it up” with Ayalla.

Ayalla Queiroz, Ayurvedic naturopath, certified by the Luso-Brazilian Association of Ayurvedic Medicine and specialized in Kayachikitsa (internal medicine) by the Brahma Vidyalaya Yoga School. She will bring her knowledge of Ayurvedic spices to teach you their benefits and how to use them efficiently and easily in your daily life.

Photos gallery of previous events

Price* & Package (per person) – Yoga Ayurveda retreat Portugal

  • With shared accommodation at toctoctoclisboa: 460
  • With single room accommodation at toctoctoclisboa: 570
  • Without accommodation: 350

*includes all tuition fees (approx 15h) I 3 x yoga masterclasses “Yoga & the elements” + 1 x 4h Ayurvedic Cooking workshop: the power of the spices + 1 x 4h workshop Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy,
1 group dinner (Friday) & 2 brunches (Saturday & Sunday).
Does not include, transport back and forth to Lisbon and in Lisbon, massages or any extra consultations with our therapist.

Accommodation Options


Nested between the famous Estrela gardens, the Sao Bento street famous for its antique dealers, and the charming Praça das Flores, toc toc toc Lisboa is a secret and peaceful haven in the heart of Lisbon.

TOC TOC TOC LISBOA Special 2-Night Package for YOGA-WAYS

Please contact TOC TOC TOC LISBOA directly to book your room.

Negotiated price per person for 2 nights (Breakfasts non included): Single room @ 220€ / Shared room (2 ou 3 persons) @ 110€

Check in 7th October 2022, 16h & Check out 9th October 2022, 12h (hold luggages available). It’s also possible to book an extra night for check out on 10th October 2022 upon request. Please contact TOC TOC TOC directly.

Please note that your booking at Toc Toc Toc Lisboa must be made before 15th September to guaranty your spots & negotiated rate

Retreat schedule: 

Our Yoga Ayurveda retreat Portugal will start at 17h on 7th October and end at 17h on 9th October 2022.

Friday 7th October 2022:

17h-20h Opening Practice & Introduction (Céline & Joséphine)

20h30 – Group Dinner in Lisbon (optional)

Saturday 8th October 2022:

10h30 – Energising Morning Yoga practice (with Céline)

12h – Healthy Brunch

13h-17h – Ayurveda cooking workshop: Spice it up! (with Joséphine & Ayalla)

17h onwards * Free time in Lisbon *

Sunday 9th October 2022:

10h30 – Morning Yoga practice (with Céline)

12h – Healthy Brunch

13h-17h – Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy Workshop (with Céline)

17h – Closing ceremony



Massages & one-to-one yoga sessions can be booked separately and are not included in your tuition package. We offer:

  • Ayurvedic massages with Ayalla
  • Full body relaxing massage with Joséphine
  • Kobido facial massage with Joséphine
  • Yoga Therapy 1 to 1 with Céline: the ideal way to personalise your practice according to your needs.

Contact us now about our next Yoga Ayurveda retreat in Portugal:

    Booking and cancellation policy:

    • A deposit of 200€ is requested to secure your slot fo this Yoga & Ayurveda city retreat. Balanced payment will be due by 7th September 2022 (1 month prior the beginning of the retreat). Please book your accommodation directly.
    • Cancellation policy:
      • In the event of a cancellation up to 2 months before the start of the stay, the deposit will be refunded less €80 management fees.
      • In the event of cancellation on your part less than 2 months before the start of the stay, the deposit will not be refundable, whatever the reason for the cancellation. We invite you to take a travel insurance if you wish to cover any possible risks.
      • In the event that the retreat is canceled by us, the deposit will be refunded in full.



    Meike, Berlin Germany (Yoga & Ayurveda retreat 2021)

    The retreat at Montevelho was just beautiful. I felt that the mix of yoga sessions with the Ayurveda knowledge matched perfectly. Celine and Josephine were leading the group in a very mindful way and I feel very grateful to have met them, as well as this super nice group of people. The retreat center is a dream and the food was a real treat, it was super delicious. I highly recommend their retreats!

    Joël, Paris (Yoga & Ayurveda retreat Nov. 2021)

    Great peaceful and quiet place. Amazing teachers and so good healthy food!

    Catherine, Switzerland (Yoga & Ayurveda retreat Nov 2021)

    YOGA WAYS Yoga & Ayurveda retreat at Monte Velho center has been a good starting point to improve my health habits. The learning of my Prakriti and Vikriti are giving me new tools to work. The center allowed to be out of the buzzing lives we live today, to concentrate on self. Celine, Josephine and Ayalla did a wonderful team work to help me discover who I am.

    Mälin, Sweden (Yoga & Ayurveda retreat Nov. 2021)

    Lovely days in perfect harmony with the sun, ocean, nature and a peaceful mind. I actually got to taste a little bit of heaven.

    Catherine, Marseille, France (Yoga & Ayurveda retreat Nov. 2021)

    Everything is chosen and organised with great care. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Joséphine and Céline. For my first yoga retreat experience I couldn’t have imagined so many benefits. I’m brand new, recharged, excited to do it again

    Nadine, Germany (Yoga & Ayurveda retreat Nov. 2021)

    The retreat helped me to find trust in my body again and the joy of enjoying the moment.

    Juliana, Brasil (Yoga & Ayurveda retreat Nov.2021)

    It was my second time at Monte Velho, and this place is just perfect for yoga retreats! A lot of nature and peace, an amazing spot to see both the sun rise and sunset. It was very interesting for me to know more about Ayurveda philosophy and how I can use it to balance my life and be more connected to the signs of my body. The retreat was very well thought, and carefully organised. All the classes were connected with the workshops and the food, according to the doshas we were studying on that day. I have a very pleasant experience and a lot of time to connect to myself!

    Inês, Portugal (Yoga & Ayurveda retreat Nov 2021)

    The Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat was my first retreat and I couldn’t be happier, it was an amazing experience. Everything was very well organised and I had time to practice yoga, learn, nurture myself, meditate, eat nutritious food and to have interesting conversations with amazing people that will definitely stay in my heart. I came back energised and so happy!

    Bérengère (2021)

    It was my 1st yoga retreat in Portugal with YOGA-WAYS. A unique & profound experience that I had dreamed of for quite some time. Céline and Joséphine have prepared these 5 days wonderfully well in this unique setting that enchants me. I let myself be completely carried and taken to a universe that I did not know, felt rejuvenated, rested, recharged. I liked the yoga and meditation sessions, the vegan cuisine, the hot bath, the meditation at 5:30 am, the massage, my readings, the Essencia hosts, the atmosphere…. I will come back for sure!

    Catherine (Participante en 2017, 2018, 2019)

    “j’ai tiré beaucoup de choses positives de ma retraite à vos côtés: je suis rentrée fraîche dans ma tête, vigoureuse et joyeuse.”

    Hilary (2017)

    “Celine and Jehanne are wonderful yoga teachers – skilled in understanding one’s individual needs and expectations and customising an appropriate practice that works best to support mind and body.  This is the best yoga guidance i have ever had.” –

    Lorraine (Participante en 2018)

    “Un immense merci pour votre organisation parfaite.
    Une retraite yoga axée sur la spiritualité et la meditation, une ambience très zen dans un lieu magique, a refaire sans hésitation!” –

    Stephanie (Bali 2018)

    “Votre cours de yoga/méditation est une belle invitation au voyage intérieur…. On se laisse porter en douceur vers l’harmonisation, on apprend a écouter son corps, a mieux gérer son stress!! Meilleure respiration…une sensation de légèreté!
    Je vous remercie pour votre enseignement, votre rayonnement contagieux!
    Un très bon équilibre parmi les activités et les temps de pause… Ubud un endroit ideal pour une retraite,  le logement un petit paradis! En joignant les deux mains a hauteur de mon coeur, je vous remercie toutes les deux. Namaste !” –  

    Louisa (Bali 2017)

    I live my life at 100km an hour doing everything in a hurry. This Yoga retreat in the heart of the rice fields of Bali allowed me to settle down, to refocus myself. Adjusting my movements to my breath did not It wasn’t easy at first, I even struggled a bit: then very quickly I felt my mind calm down, my body relax and recharge. From there came a beautiful energy but calmer, and more channeled than usual. On my mat, doing the exercises, I became aware of my way of functioning and it opened me to the universe of possibilities. Thank you girls for your generosity, your spirituality, and all that which you have enabled me to understand.

    Why joining a yoga ayurveda retreat Portugal? Is this for me?

    Whether you are already a regular practitioner or a beginner feeling the benefits of Yoga and eager to step up his/her practice, a retreat will allow you to get away from your daily routine, your responsibilities and your commitments. A window, just for you, to give your body and mind time to reset and get creative again. We all need it from time to time. Our retreats programs are unique and focused on personal development while having a good time of course!

    We use all the tools and knowledge of Yoga – Postures, breathing techniques, breath work, mudras and mantras, as well as workshops covering various topics based on the texts and founding concepts of yogic philosophy (mainly based on the Yoga Sutras and the sacred Vedic texts) – thus we offer you a platform to reflect and work on yourself.

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