Dear friends & yogis,

At the moment and until further announcement (fingers’ crossed), I will continue with classes on zoom (Lisbon Time): To book click here
Monday 20h-21h I Yoga & Mindfulness
Tuesday 9h-10h I Yoga Hatha Flow
Thursday 11h-12h I Prenatal Yoga
Thursday 12h15-13h15 I Yoga Hatha Flow

with Much Love, Céline

Week of March 8-13 I Let’s tap into our feminine energy

8th March 2021 🌜Happy Women’s day Yeeeah!

In Sanskrit, the word Ha-Tha translates to Sun-Moon, meaning the Yoga or union of the solar and lunar energies that represent the duality within us all—masculine/feminine, yin/yang and beyond. Through the practice of yoga, we strive to explore this equilibrium and to live in our most connected state of being.
This week’s practices will be dedicated to celebrating our duality. We will tap into our feminine energy and explore what makes us creative, compassionate, intuitive and strongly grounded. Get ready!

Week of March 15-21 I Relationships & mind stability: some golden rules to guide us!

On our path to keep our mind stable and as serene as possible, we encounter multiple obstacles. The biggest one being probably that we don’t leave alone in a cave! We daily have to interact with people, a lover, children, family, colleagues, friends and more. How does relationships influence our ability to remain stable and find serenity? And most importantly, is there anything we can do about it?

Well the good news is YES! Patañjali’s Yoga Sutra I.33 gives us pieces of advice and direction to reflect upon. We will reflect on this and the practices will be inspired by this sutra.

Week of March 21-28 I Taming our senses

We are often slave of our senses, we are overloaded by the stimulation they provide and the emotions associated. Our ability to stabilise our emotions is closely linked to our ability to control our senses.

Yoga & meditation offers options. One of them is indeed the observation of our sense organs, their mode of operation, their function etc. to promote stability and firm control over the mind. This is one of the first solution suggested by Patañjali (yoga-sutra I.35): channeling all our sense organs to restore calm in the mind. Let’s practice this together!

Week of March 29 – April 5 I Holiday – Term Break

I will be taking a week off and won’t give classes on that week.

Please check Josephine’s schedule.