SATURDAYS 3 to 4:15pm (Singapore) / 9 to 10:15am (Paris)

11 JUL * Yoga for your Eyes

18 JUL * Tensions away – Jaws to Shoulders

25 JUL * Why Alignment matters

01 AUG * Yoga for uncertain times

08 AUG * Hip Hip open

Teacher: Jehanne

The benefits:

– Deepen your practice

– Give you practical tools to cope with current uncertain times

– Commit to your physical & mental health!

Parinama is one of the most important concept of the Yoga Philosophy.
Parinama = “the idea of change”. In the Yoga Sutra, Patanjali explains that “everything changes all the time”. Nothing is permanent (except Purusa). Patanjali also highlights that Parinama is one of the main sources of human suffering. Why? Because we, human, have this tendency to think that what we have today is permanent. We, human, get attached to people, to our possessions or to “situations” who or which are not going to be there forever.
Knowing this, it’s not a surprise that COVID-19 crisis & its load of uncertainties does challenge us on “Parinama front”! So let’s commit to our physical & mental health! Let’s make time for reflexion. Let’s make time for personal development & transformation.

Summer Packages & Conditions*:

The Explorer Package: 5 Workshops @ 165SGD

The Discovery Package: 8 Yoga group classes* + 1 online Workshop @ 240SGD

The Indulgence Package: 8 Yoga group classes* + 5 Online Workshops @ 335SGD

The Care Package: 5 group classes* @ 165SGD

Drop in rate for workshops & yoga group classes: 35SGD

* Classes & workshops to be used by end August 2020
Depending on the local regulation updates we reserve ourselves the right to switch to online classes if we would no longer be allowed to conduct classes in situ.

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